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What is Chessboxing?

ChessBoxing is the ultimate hybrid sport. Combining the intellectual command required of chess with the physical prowess of boxing, ChessBoxing demands everything from its athletes. In the ring, mind meets matter, putting the entirety of human fortitude to the test. 

Players alternate between Blitz Chess and Boxing rounds, claiming victory through a knock-out, checkmate or via their counterpart losing on time. Beginning and ending with chess, 11 rounds ensue. Players are given 9 minutes in total on the chess clock, and 3 minutes for each round with a subsequent 1-minute break respectively. However, adaptations to the rules may occur depending on the event.


Historically speaking, ChessBoxing was envisioned in the 1990s through an adaptation of a French comic by Dutch performance artist Iepe Rubingh. Rubingh went on to found the World Chess Boxing Organisation in 2003, in Berlin, whereby the first official competition took place.

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The Full Story

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