DECEMBER 11th, 2022

The biggest event in ChessBoxing is coming up on December 11th, headlining International Master Lawrence Trent and Grand Master Aman Hambleton. The undercard players consist of huge names in Twitch, including Disguised Toast, Myth, boxbox and more. To see more about the full lineup of 12 players, see below.


Hosted by streamer and PogChamps commentator and player, Ludwig, we are seeing aspects of the name-packed boxing event Creator Clash take on new life.  Ludwig has confirmed the stream will be free to watch, live streamed from his YouTube channel. 

However, Ludwig is also affixing an additional element to matches with a Smash Bros undercard, or ‘smashboxing’. This card includes the following matches: Fiction vs. Kalindi and Joshman vs. Spud. In this, Ludwig has paved the way for new and creative adaptations to traditional competitions, and further, for the productive collaboration between physical and non-physical games. The merger of e-sports and sports may be something to now look for in the future.



IM Lawrence Trent

Lawrence Trent is a British International Master chess player and personality, but perhaps more famously known for his commentating work on some of the biggest FIDE tournaments and the London Chess Classic. Currently, he works as the commentator for major tournaments hosted by the chess platform Chess24. From 2015-2017, Trent managed World Champion challenger, GM Fabiano Caruana.

GM Aman Hambleton

Aman Hambleton is a Canadian Grand Master chess player, awarded in 2018. Hambleton is a member of the successful collective Chessbrahs, known for their YouTube and Twitch channels.


Ali Kabbani, or Myth, gained popularity through streaming as a professional Fortnite Battle Royale player. Currently, his Twitch channel has amassed 7.4 million followers alongside the 4.56 million subscribers on Youtube. Prior to December of 2021, Myth played for e-sports organisation Team SoloMid (TSM), however, of late has committed himself exclusively to YouTube.

Boy Boy

Aleksa Vulovic, or Boy Boy, is a personality known for his joint YouTube channel with Alex Apollonov of ‘I did a thing’ with 455k subscribers. Content often concerns myth-busting claims in Australian news, with comedic angles of political content, or other satirical material.

Disguised Toast

Jeremy Wang, or Disguised Toast, is a Canadian YouTuber and streamer, starting with Hearthstone videos on the former, Disguised Toast has of late become notable on the latter with 2.7 million followers. He is famously a member of the entertainment collective OfflineTV, based in Los Angeles,  created by Pokimane.


Eric Morino, or PointCrow, is famous for his YouTube speedrun videos and further through his Twitch streams, with 1.34 million subscribers and 485k followers respectively. Famous for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, PointCrow has now diversified his content. 


Papaplatte is a German streamer with 1.6 million followers, also hosting the podcast Edel Talk. Previously, Papaplatte has played in the PogChamps series (1) against boxbox and Ludwig.

Abroad in Japan

Chris Broad, or Abroad in Japan, is an English Youtuber that creates content on Japan after moving there whilst working as an Assistant Language Teacher. With 2.74 million subscribers, Broad’s Youtube Videos have amassed 402 million views over time.


Alex Zheng, or BoxBox, is an American League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics streamer known for his Riven plays. He played top lane for Velocity eSports until 2013, then focusing on his streams and cosplaying. His twitch following has reached 2 million, alongside the 1.37 million subscribers on his YouTube.


Nathan Stanz is a Streamer, Youtuber and Co-Founder of the creative studio collective named OFFBRAND. Stanz has a professional career in managing gaming collectives,  alongside streaming in the Just Chatting channel.


Andréas Honnet, or Sardoche, is a French former League of Legends professional, currently with Les Frères du Purgatoire as mid laner. Currently, Sardoche streams to 1.3 million followers, where he continues to play League of Legends, alongside TrackMania and Rocket League.


Toph is a Twitch streamer with 37 thousand followers from Singapore. Previously, he was a Super Smash Bros professional, maining Melee Fox, but is known for his commentating work alongside Super Smash Bros player Scar. Fluent in Japanese, Toph has also commentated in competitions hosted in Japan.


Shephard Lima, or Fiction, is an American Super Smash Bros player, maining Falco. His twitch following is 5.1k, however, according to liquipedia, Fiction ranked 12th in the MPGR 2022 Summer rankings, and 3rd in the SoCal Power Rankings. 


Kalindi Henderson, or KJH, is an American Super Smash Bros player, maining Melee Fox and Falco. According to liquipedia, KJH ranked 30th in the MPGR 2022 Summer rankings and 2nd in the Michigan Fall & Winter 2021 rankings.


Joshua Lyras, or Joshman, is an Australian Super Smash Bros player, maining Melee Fox. According to liquipedia, Joshman ranked 1st in the Australia 2021 Power Rankings. 


Te Tuhi Kelly, or Spud, is a Super Smash Bros  Player from New Zealand, maining Melee Marth. However, residing in Australia, he is currently ranked first. According to liquipedia, Spud ranked 38th in MPGR  2019.