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Magnus Carlsen Asked to Commentate on the Mogul ChessBoxing Championship 2022

Updated: Nov 13

In the recent Julius Baer Generation Cup, the seventh event in the Champions Chess Tour of 2022, Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen was interviewed by GM David Howell, IM Jovanka Houska, GM Simon Williams and Kaja Snare. Asked about his thoughts on ChessBoxing, Carlsen claimed:

“It is a great spectacle! I’ve b

een invited by my good friend Ludwig to commentate and I hope to be able to do it“

To see the Chess Champion commentating on this event would be a huge moment for the fans and the legacy of ChessBoxing, and could propel a long future for this emerging sport.

Carlsen goes on to claim that there is someone who has challenged him to fight in the past who would be his ‘ideal’ ChessBoxing opponent. Speculation has now begun over who this mysterious figure may be, and whether we will see Carlsen in the ring at some point in the future.

Following Carlsen's recent controversy and upcoming lawsuit with Hans Niemann, Redditors and YouTube comments alike are theorising the possibility of finalising the feud in the ring.

Considering Carlsen’s close friendship with headliner Lawrence Trent, we would love to see his support at the event.

See the interview here.

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